Dental Bridges in Santa barbara, CA

What Is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is a tooth restoration used to replace one or a few missing teeth. Tooth loss can be caused by tooth decay, dental trauma, gum disease, or a tooth may need to be extracted because the tooth is unable to be saved. 
This leaves your mouth vulnerable to shifting teeth, changes to your facial structure, difficulty chewing and speaking, and gaps in your smile. A dental bridge is a fixed tooth replacement that can solve these problems by replacing the missing tooth. Contact us at Hlavaty Dental Arts today to schedule a consultation.

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A dental bridge has a minimum lifespan of 5 to 7 years


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How It Works: The Dental Bridge Process

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Dr. Hlavaty will examine your teeth and take x-rays to determine if a dental bridge is a suitable treatment to replace your missing tooth or teeth.

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A local anesthetic will be administered to prevent pain sensation during your treatment. You may also be a candidate for additional sedation if desired.

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Two of the abutment teeth which are adjacent to the gap will receive dental crowns. To prepare teeth for dental crowns, we need to remove a small amount of tooth structure to create enough room for the crowns to fit over the teeth.

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After preparing the teeth, a physical impression or digital scans will be taken off your teeth and sent to a dental lab.

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Bridge Fabrication

Your teeth impressions are used to create a mold of your teeth to fabricate a custom-made dental bridge. This will consist of a pontic tooth that is connected to two dental crowns.

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After etching the teeth, the dental crowns will be bonded to the abutment teeth with dental cement. A pontic tooth in the middle will be suspended in the gums.

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An implant-supported bridge will prevent bone loss and last for at least 25 years.


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Why Would I Need a Dental Bridge?

It’s important to replace missing teeth to avoid chewing and speaking difficulties as well as cosmetic disturbance to the smile. A bridge will fill in gaps, make chewing and speaking easier, and prevent certain bone loss side effects like shifting teeth. 

It also adds additional support to the facial muscles. A bridge is similar to a partial denture, except that it is not removable and can only replace consecutive teeth.

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By replacing a missing tooth, you redistribute the force of an uneven bite. money, time, and future dental pain.


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