Dental Crowns in Santa barbara, CA

What Is a Crown?

A dental crown is a highly durable protective tooth cap made of strong materials that cover the entire surface of the tooth. Teeth can become damaged from an array of things, be it tooth decay, dental trauma, teeth grinding, enamel erosion, or even biting down on hard foods. 

This can cause chips, cracks, or even break your tooth. A crown will hold a broken tooth together and provides a strong barrier against chewing forces to prevent further damage. Crowns can even be used cosmetically to cover up an oddly shaped or discolored tooth. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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Crowns are used to anchor dental bridges and complete dental implant restorations.

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What to Expect From the Crown Placement Process

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At your consultation, Dr. Hlavaty will examine the tooth to look for signs of decay. An x-ray will reveal if there is any damage to the tooth’s pulp that will require root canal treatment. Active decay needs to be treated before a crown can be placed.

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Under local anesthesia, we will trim about 1.5mm from around your tooth to create room for the crown to fit over your tooth. 

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Digital models or impressions are taken of your teeth and sent to the lab that will fabricate your crown, using them as a mold for your custom crown.

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Temporary Crown

Because it can take weeks for crown fabrication, we will need to give you a temporary crown to protect your tooth until the official crown is ready.

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Crown Placement

Once we have your official crown, the old one will be removed and we’ll cement it into place.

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Lab-Made crowns are different from CEREC crowns which are milled out of ceramic and can be placed in a single appointment.