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Welcome to THE new kind of dental practice. A place where your time with us is professional, uncomplicated, and even a bit relaxing.  A setting where you’re given the individual attention and care you deserve in order to create the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. If you are looking for a modern approach to dentistry with a personal touch, check out Hlavaty Dental Arts. Its about re-defining dentistry as we know it, with a beautiful, spa-like atmosphere, comfortable & relaxing environment, and cutting-edge technology.

Dr. Shawn Hlavaty has always believed the patient experience should come first—but noticed that it tends to be an afterthought at many practices these days. That’s why he opened Hlavaty Dental Arts: to bring high quality patient care that caters to your needs, whether you’re with us for simple preventive cleanings & x-rays, or needing advanced reconstructive treatments, or cosmetic & aesthetic procedures.  He wanted to create a completely new experience, from the moment you walk in the door, until the time your treatment is complete.


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Dr. Shawn Hlavaty

Dr. Shawn Hlavaty is pleased to bring his passion for helping patients achieve beautiful smiles & faces to the Santa Barbara, Montecito, Goleta and Summerland areas. A graduate of the New York University College of Dentistry, he’s always loved connecting with patients and partnering with them to create the smile they’ve always wanted. Specializing in implants, reconstructive cases, and cosmetic work, Dr. Shawn Hlavaty brings precision and a builder’s eye (he was a landscape architect in another life, after all) to each appointment—along with a firm belief that the patient experience should be prioritized above all else. He’s thrilled to open his own practice where he can create the dental environment his patients deserve.

"The thing I love about dentistry is that every patient is different and every case poses different challenges. It allows me to make connections with people on a daily basis and I provide a service that can have a huge positive impact on a person's well being & quality of life."

-Dr. Shawn Hlavaty

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Dental Implants & implant reconstruction

From replacing a single tooth, to rebuilding an entire jaw, dental implants have become the new 'standard of care' for replacing missing teeth.
From single tooth implants to full-arch hybrid ceramic bridgework, Dr. Hlavaty specializes in creating the right implant treatment, customized to fit each patient’s needs.

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Bone Grafting & tissue regeneration

Bone grafting is used to rebuild the bone of the jaw, repairing damage due to infections or tooth loss.  It is used to maximize the bony foundation for dental implants, ensuring there’s enough healthy bone for the implant to be secure and natural-looking for years & years.

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Extractions & oral surgery

Sometimes a tooth may need to come out if it is too severely damaged to restore. In these cases, our team keeps you as comfortable as possible and you work with Dr. Hlavaty to find the restorative solutions that are best for you & your smile.

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Cosmetic dentistry & aesthetics

Want a whiter smile? Thinking about ways to reshape or restore the look of your teeth? Want to smooth those wrinkles or give your face a nicer glow? With whitening options and clear aligners, reshaping and veneers, injectables & skin resurfacing, we can help you create the smile (& face :) you’ve always wanted.

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opus plasma skin resurfacing

Are you bothered by facial wrinkles and other imperfections? These problems can make it hard to feel confident in your smile even if you have healthy, dazzling teeth. Treat fine lines and rejuvenate your skin with Opus plasma Skin resurfacing technology. Natural looking & safe for all skin types.

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"I love that I get to help my patients get out of pain, be able to eat the things they haven’t in years, or have the new smile and the confidence they’ve always wanted. Dentistry now days is more than just treating teeth...it's treating you."

– Dr. Shawn Hlavaty


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Very good experience here, office was mellow, relaxing, and staff was amazing from the minute I was greeted by front desk and spoke with hygienist to when dr. Hlavaty was extracting my wisdom tooth. This is hard for me to say especially since I have anxiety with dentist and have had bad experience with other dentist. Here I had none of that and they worked with me the whole way through knowing my level of anxiety associated with my past experiences. Highly recommend

Stephen D.

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What a fantastic experience for our family! We just Love Dr. Shawn, the office staff, and his beautiful new office! Great location and the most professional service in this town. We have found our dental home!

Andrea K.

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I had the best experience at a dental office. Staff extremely professional, spacious office, calm environment, and an amazing capable dentist. I felt not only in good hands but also very relaxed and comfortable.

Fabiana A.

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Saw me on a emergency referral. Made the pain go away and also handled my less than capable pharmacist to make sure i got my meds. Couldn't sing his praises enough.

Nicholas L.

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Gloria diligently remove years of plaque buildup. Thank you! Shawn is first dentist to offer me a solution for a gap in my back teeth that always traps food. Love the TV on the ceiling! Beautiful new office, great team.

Darlynne L.

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If you are looking for a dentist in SB, you need look no further. Dr. Hlavaty has been my dentist for years...and I'm a dentist myself! The dentist of dentists is the one you want. The office is amazing and the staff, top notch. 5 stars!

Bobby B.

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Giving back in Santa Barbara

Keeping our community smiling

We love to keep our community smiling both in and out of the office. That’s why Hlavaty Dental Arts is proud to give back to several community organizations in Santa Barbara.

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