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Here at Hlavaty Dental Arts, we provide a top quality dental experience using the latest, state-of-the-art technology.  Advanced technology not only makes our jobs easier, but it also provides a wealth of benefits for our patients. From the diagnostic perspective, new technologies make it easier for us to provide proactive instead of reactive care as well as ensure that patients receive reliable, resilient treatment every time. We are able to provide patients with a comprehensive treatment strategy that enhances all aspects of their well-being and appearance by integrating a wide range of technologies throughout the treatment process.  Once treatment has begun, our advanced technology allows us to provide our patients with safer, more comfortable, and more reliable treatments, and a much more pleasant overall dental experience. Contact us at Hlavaty Dental Arts today to schedule a consultation.

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Technology is constantly providing  ways in which we can help you in faster, safer, more comfortable, and more reliable ways than ever have before.


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How we use technology in or office

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Dr. Hlavaty
will use High Resolution digital imaging, including X-rays, CT scans, & Intraoral camera images to accurately assess existing conditions and can cast these images onto large screens to help him illustrate to patients exactly what is going on in their mouths. You as a patient, can actually see exactly what the doctor sees. This can help you make more informed decisions when it comes to your health care.

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scheduling & Records

Digital systems help us access comprehensive patient data quickly, leading to more efficient and thorough workflows and enable better communication with our patients leading to more informed and engaged interactions during consultations. Our digital systems also provide the latest security to protect your Person Health Information.

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Our Hygienists use Next-Gen Piezo Ultrasonics
to provide our patients with the
Most Comfortable Cleanings Ever!
We use High-Resolution imaging to make sure our patients can see the same things we see and routinely do oral cancer screenings, with the ability to check for abnormal lesions in the mouth with our Saphire Lesion Detection System.

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restorative dentistry

We use an Intraoral 3D scanning system to take
highly accurate digital records of the mouth.
Gone are the days of having to sit with big trays of yucky impression materials in your mouth.
And this system allows us to work with our labs on a complete digital workflow using 3D printed models and producing highly accurate CAD/CAM digital restorations with much shorter lab turnaround times.

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Surgical procedures such as extractions, grafting, and implants benefit extensively from new technology.
We use the Latest in ultrasound surgery - Piezo Technology based on ultrasound frequencies that permits highly precise hard tissue cutting, with a precise & constant control of both incision depth and length, resulting in reduced pain, less tissue trauma, and faster healing. We also use Radio Frequency (RF) Electrosurgery to increase surgical precision in soft tissue cutting with minimal bleeding & faster tissue healing.

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If you’ve been thinking about skin resurfacing or are already a devoted laser fan, you may want to consider one of the latest, first-of-its-kind devices on the market: Opus Plasma. Technically speaking, it’s not a laser treatment, though it does offer laser-like results.
This amazing solution addresses superficial to complex textural and skin-quality concerns that are traditionally corrected with conventional fractional resurfacing lasers or full-field ablative resurfacing lasers, but with much less downtime and a higher safety profile. It also works well with a much wider variety of skin types than laser treatments.

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the World's 1st 'tooth regrowth' medicine moves toward clinical trials in Japan this year

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How can dental technology benefit me?

With advancements in dental technology, the dentist office experience has drastically changed over the last 15+ years. Modern dentist offices with advanced technology help improve your experience in the dental chair, protect your health, and deliver amazing results.

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By replacing a missing tooth, you redistribute the force of an uneven bite. money, time, and future dental pain.


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